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Artist Orkhan brings contemporary memories of culture heritage to forefront through digital art

© Orkhan

New media artist and designer Orkhan has brought contemporary styles to new international audiences thanks to the fast rising adoption of NFT art.

The Azerbaijani artist has had a prolific career, developing media and artworks that have transcended cultural barriers. Having dedicated several years to studying cultures and technologies, the artist combined symbols and tools to develop advanced drawing techniques. This enabled the artist to propel his work through technical and media fields to create philosophical art that has set him apart from his peers.

As the social and cultural application of art changes, NFTs have brought a new dimension to the artist toolbox. While NFTs are a new form of art, they are quickly gaining popularity. The first major NFT artwork was created by Eric Klarenbeek. He designed a functional art installation that has had over 10,000 people come through it already. This form of work is not just limited to artists; designers and architects are also using it to create new works.

There are many different forms of NFTs. Some artists are using them as a canvas for their work while others use them for their function in order to create engineering pieces. Designers and architects have been using them for both purposes – as the canvas or as part of the aesthetic in order to make something functional. With this new technology, artists are finally able to control their content. They can now show their work in a way that does not interfere with their original intent. More importantly, they don’t need to worry about how they would get paid for it or how it would be distributed.

Following an international exhibition tour spanning cities including Moscow, Rome and Istanbul, Orkhan released his latest new artwork through the Foundation NFT marketplace that quickly became an international favorite among NFT collectors. The artwork was bought for 10 Ethereum just last month.

Having embraced technology from an early age, Orkhan fused design and art together, and is now working on his latest projects set to be introduced to collectors later this year.

Are you interested in NFT art and the cultural heritage shift?

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