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Christopher Dines – Rock bottom is not permanent

© Christopher Dines

There is a famous saying: “Each human is a statue of mistakes.” It’s part of human nature that no-one can achieve perfection. But the real tragedy is someone who doesn’t learn from their mistakes. No problem is permanent in this world. Most people can bounce back from adversity providing they don’t let fear control their actions. Battling with inner demons is the hardest thing to do. 

Losing is a part of life, but the real loser is the one who gives up easily. Christopher Dines is an individual who enjoyed a successful DJ career thanks to his consistent efforts and determination. Sometimes, the peak of a career may lead to difficulty, and prominent figures can become victims themselves of a turbulent downfall. A similar situation happened with Christopher Dines, who’s illustrious career put him on a path of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Dines was born on 19 August 1983 in the London Borough of Harrow in England. He had a passion for dance music, and started DJ’ing in 1994, mostly at local house parties. He attended Stanborough independent primary school in Watford, and Pinner Park middle school in Harrow, and Nower Hill high school in Pinner. Due to his love of dance music, Dines left school aged 15 to pursue a career in the music industry. Initially, Dines started working at local bars and pubs in Harrow and North West London. Then he got his first break DJ’ing on London’s legendary pirate station Flex FM in the late-1990s. His eclectic radio shows and free-spirited parties in the West End of London garnered him a loyal following. The world was his oyster and Dines worked for various renowned dance music bands in London. He travelled to different cities and countries, particularly in Western Europe and Asia.

Christopher Dines’ career in the music industry won him much fame and recognition. But he was also exposed to some negative aspects of the industry. It happens to many DJs. They fall prey to alcohol and drug abuse which can cause a downward spiral if not addressed. Unfortunately, Christopher’s partying lifestyle got out of control, which led to his downfall. Christopher lost important contracts and angered nightclub promoters. He started to withdraw from the industry and subsequently experienced a mental breakdown. He tried to get professional help when he was 19, but wasn’t quite ready to change his lifestyle. However, Dines sobered up in August 2004, when he was 21. He has remained abstinent and has spent the last 17 years helping drug addicts and alcoholics to get clean and sober.

Strong determination and passion enable people to defeat negativity and bounce back from adversity. Dines came back to the music industry and started his own record label, SuCasa Beats, in 2005 and toured Asia for the third time in his career under the aliases Kris Lopez and Chris Lopez. However, Dines retired from music in 2006. He decided to become a mindfulness teacher and helped people suffering from a similar situation that he went through with untreated addiction. He started public speaking and led meditation workshops throughout England.

Today, he is not just a mindfulness teacher but an author of eight books. Christopher’s books are dedicated to people who want to get past addiction and experience peace of mind. Dines returned to adult education and has been privately tutored by Cambridge University’s Professor Piers Bursill-Hall, studying the history of science.

Christopher’s life story so far can be an inspiration to those who believe a rock bottom is impossible to rise from.

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