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Search engine challenger Mojeek passes 5.8 billion webpages as it takes on web giants

© Jud Mackrill

The UK’s booming tech sector has led to an increase in innovation within the web technology space as new challengers seek to make a profound difference to the internet as we know it.

Independent search engine Mojeek is an example of how UK businesses are creating tools and customisations for the next generation of web users, prioritising their privacy over the interests of corporate conglomerates that are more focused on optimising search with pre-determined algorithms for users. With the UK’s tech industry in focus since Brexit, the sector has been among the bright spots where there has been continuous innovation as businesses bring together disruptors and industry leaders to forge the next technological breakthroughs.

One particular area that has been of interest in the tech space is the influence of search engine giants on people through algorithms, the curation of content and suggested results – which all play a role in democracy, and have wider ramifications in our society as a whole.

Mojeek, which has been at the heart of the UK’s independent web search sector, is building solutions to give users the ability to create their own search experience in contrast to these established practices, where there has been a growing demand for the creation of neutral, unfiltered results. Having recently revealed their new Focus tool that enables users to build what is effectively their own search engine results based experience, the company has put forward the concept of building a web around “information neutrality” which is controlled by the user without tracking, and without the influence of pre-determined algorithms or curation that happens behind closed doors.

With this type of disruption in mind and without the need for account creation, searchers can build a web experience where they ‘take back the control’ of what they want to discover. Mojeek CEO, Colin Hayhurst, recently spoke about the principles of web autonomy for users, and said, “Web search innovation has been sparse since the market became dominated by one major player. Mojeek has always been determined to offer users something new, useful, and easy-to-use. We already offer independent search results and now we are giving people even more autonomy, something the big players have increasingly shied away from.”

As the internet evolves, people’s habits and search intentions have started to change. Social media platforms have also altered how information is discovered in recent years. Web 3.0, the metaverse, AI and decentralised information sources are also challenging the established norms of how information is discovered. This is leading to fundamental changes in the web as we know it, and over the coming years, companies and organizations will be looking at how information discoverability evolves, and is adapted to best serve future generations.

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