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New TV app launching in the UK to help combat loneliness in the elderly

© Chatta TV

A North East-based startup has created a cutting-edge texting and video chat service for seniors that will go live this month. Software business Care Messenger Holdings Limited, founded by former music instructor Paul Slaughter, created the new app, known as Chatta TV as part of an exclusive collaboration with LG. A cutting-edge Ultra High Definition 4K TV with the Chatta software is included in the bundle designed for families.

Families may use the system to send free text, photo, and video messages to loved ones that appear across their TVs so they won’t miss them by downloading the Chatta TV app from the Apple or Google stores. Family members can also easily respond to a message and let the app know that it has been viewed and read by adding a timestamp to the response. Even the TV remote includes an assist button that can be customized for each user’s needs as part of the system. The technology enables video calls to be made directly from a mobile app to a TV without the use of additional hardware or the requirement to switch inputs or channels. The simple to use tool is helping families stay in touch with their loved ones from anywhere in the world. It is specially developed for the elderly who frequently struggle with technology.

Leading organizations and the government have acknowledged that there is a loneliness crisis among the elderly, and Chatta TV helps to close the generational gap by bridging the digital divide. The convenience of the most common gadget, the TV, makes it simple for busy families to stay in touch.