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Kokoro Zenwear puts ecological fashion at the forefront by supporting sustainable design

© Kokoro Zenwear

Kokoro Zenwear is seeking to promote sustainable fashion as the company expands its clothing line internationally.

With the popularity of sustainable clothing on the rise, and people considering environmentally fashion choices, brands like Kokoro Zenwear have been setting trends in the space by utilising fabrics which are 100% ECO Certified.

Sourcing its fabrics from organic fibres and with its ethical manufacturing partners, Kokoro is making ecological fashion not just a statement, but a positive choice that supports the environment for the long term.

Launched at the height of the pandemic last year, the company has already received recognition by Wolf & Badger, with a large UK following of sustainable designers.

The startup was also invited by the Jane Goodall Institute to partner on a fundraiser with their message of sustainability resonating with people around the world.

Founded by hospitality and fashion industry guru Sharon Farren along with her co-founder, martial artists Nader Fahm, Kokoro Zenwear offers a range of sustainable clothing products that include bamboo silk face masks, sport leggings, round neck t-shirts and yoga pants among their latest collection.

Their Bamboo Silk line is derived from 100% bamboo silk fibres using different parts of a bamboo shoot to create the pulp which are then dried in the sun and turned into fabric.

The innovative approach to design has already set a new wave of fashion-conscious businesses to set up shop across Europe. With Kokoro Zenwear leading the way in sustainable manufacturing, the fashion industry is taking note.

As Britain exits a prolonged lockdown, and ahead of this year’s United Nations COP26 summit in November, sustainable fashion is finally getting the attention it deserves.

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