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Change Management Expert Maribeth Olafioye – Entrepreneur Spotlight

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As UK businesses shift away from the traditional ways of working post-pandemic, change management expert Maribeth Olafioye has seen an increasing need for organisations to adapt.

Founder of Change Management Library, Maribeth has been working within the corporate space and the charity sector – helping organisations shift their priorities and adapt to new ways of working. From technological transformations to building new company cultures following mergers and expansions, Maribeth has seen a growing need for employees and business leaders to learn how to manage change

“While change management might seem like a business-centric discipline, its principles are deeply human. Whether you’re navigating changes in your personal life or steering an organisation through a major transition, the skills and insights from change management are invaluable”, says Olafioye.

With UK companies feeling the disruption of remote working and cities like London and Edinburgh experiencing a reduction in demand for central offices, there’s been a fundamental change in culture at some of the biggest institutions, businesses and within government over the past 2 years.

It was just recently that HSBC announced they were moving offices and had several thousands employees now working from home. This example, one of many, demonstrates the structural change and cultural shifts as working patterns are transformed at some of the largest global multinationals.

Reflecting upon business transformation Olafioye says, “successful business transformation isn’t just about implementing new systems or processes; it’s about aligning people, processes, and technology towards a shared goal. When these elements come together, transformation not only takes place, but it sticks, ensuring long-term success.”

With business transformations increasing across industries, Maribeth found an opportunity to teach change skills to leaders and change makers across a number of disciplines. Through Change Management Library, she offers virtual training programmes which are based on a unique method for delivering change entitled the CML 5E’s.

It’s not only remote working that has disrupted management, but the introduction of new technology such as AI. With businesses now facing new technological advancements, internal processes and staff management are going through another transformation ahead of 2024.

When it comes to navigating these technological changes, Olafioye notes, “it’s crucial to have a robust change management strategy in place, backed by a team that understands the nuances of organizational dynamics. It’s about balancing the technical aspects of change with the human side, ensuring that the transformation is not just effective but also inclusive and sustainable.”

As organisations change how they implement processes across their teams, locally and internationally, there’s never been a greater disruption happening in the corporate world and in the charity sector.

Have you considered the impact of change in your organisation?