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Brits flock to Spain as Valencia sees uptick in demand for properties


Brits are choosing Valencia as their go-to destination abroad thanks to its affordable properties and 300 days a year of sunshine.

With the impact of the pandemic severely dampening the summer spirit, a major shift in habits and working from home has led to a large increase in property enquiries in Valencia.

Thanks the region’s investment in transport infrastructure, fibre optic broadband and a thriving tech hub, Valencia has become an attractive international destination for real estate investors as well as business owners and families that want to re-locate to Europe. And with more people working from home following the pandemic, the idea of having a second home in a sunny destination has become increasingly attractive for those able to run their business from anywhere in the world.

Found Valencia, a property company launched by Irish native Conor Wilde, who relocated from Ireland to start his new business in Spain, is one of the many entrepreneurs who’ve found a home in the city and seen the transformational change in the region over the past 20 years.

Speaking with Britain Daily, Wilde said, “Valencia is special. I fell in love with this place over two decades ago and made it my home. Now I help others to do the same. We are very proud of the relationships we have here that allow us to offer the most appealing properties to clients. Yet we put an equal emphasis on making their move seamless.”

Having grown his successful company from the ground up, Wilde now employs 8 staff and works with international clients to help them re-locate to the region. Despite the pandemic, Wilde is optimistic for the future and has embraced the shifts like many other expats and companies in the region to adapt to a post-pandemic world.

“Because we cater to an international clientele, we have invested extensively in safe operational practices and cutting-edge virtual technology amidst the pandemic. As a result, we hold virtual meet-and-greets and provide a fully immersive experience for viewing properties via our proprietary software,” Wilde added.

And it’s not just Valencia’s property market that has seen an uptick in demand. The prized Spanish Golden Visa, a special residency programme encouraging investment in Spain is also an increasingly attractive offer for expats as Britain leaves the European Union’s customs area in January 2021.

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Valencia is a coastal city along Spain’s southeastern coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean. It is known as the City of Arts and Sciences, with its beaches, wetlands reserve and walking trails popular among locals and tourists. The climate also supports a lush vegetation, giving rise to a host of market gardens that offer locally produced fresh ingredients and a huge selection of restaurants as well as culinary experiences for those looking to re-locate or seeking to spend several months of the year abroad.

For expats looking towards the post-Brexit future, Valencia will continue to be a popular destination for properties that families can afford to buy as well as an attractive city for businesses that want to serve customers in Europe.