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Eyecote International launch new online store for data security products

© Markus Spiske

Eyecote International have announced the launch of their new online ecommerce platform for the data security industry.

Secure Data Destruction is an online store providing the latest products for data destruction and erasure, offering some of the world’s leading solutions for safe and secure data erasure.

Following the pandemic and global disruption to supply chains, businesses in the manufacturing and data industries have been looking for ways to continue serving customers while social distancing measures continue.

With Eyecote International’s new ecommerce store, companies can buy efficient, data destruction devices that can help to remove information from hard drives and backup tapes with permanent erasure.

As data security comes back on the agenda and ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU’s custom’s union, businesses are preparing for the transition where data security and cross-border information sharing is under increased scrutiny.

“Eyecote now supplies equipment that is manufactured in the UK but supplied and supported around the world,” said Laurence Sowerbutts, Sales Specialist for Eyecote International.

Eyecote’s platform offers data destroyers and hard drive degaussers that crush hard drives in seconds and magnetically erase information. The devices, which can be operated in an office environment, allow businesses big and small to secure their information and ensure that data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

During IT infrastructure upgrades, companies often overlook their older systems and leave hard drives unattended. When hard drives are disposed of, they still contain important information such as patient records, credit card details and more – therefore degaussing and hard drive destruction is recommended.

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