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Ellie Patrikios on making the move to Hollywood and standing out from the crowd

Ellie Patrikios
© Ellie Patrikios

It’s no secret that getting into the film industry is tough but for actress Ellie Patrikios, the journey to Hollywood has taken her around the world and given her a unique perspective on the acting profession.

From being cast in ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ starring Nicolas Cage and Christian Bale at the age of 5 to singing in the choir for the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations – the Greek actress has managed to find success through castings and gaining experience from some of London’s top arts institutions.

Originally from Greece, Patrikios moved to the UK in 2002 and started performing in school productions where her unique vocal talents were discovered. She was soon to lead a newly formed school choir and pursued further auditions.

But her big breakthrough came when she was given the opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall for the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration, performing a piece written by Sir Maxwell Davies.

She then went on to explore singing and acting and was soon accepted into the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts where she discovered her true passion for film. And at the age of 18, she secured a full scholarship and began to play acting roles in independent films where she also modelled for designers – taking part in photoshoots and a runaway with Oxford Fashion Studios.

With a keen desire to explore her creativity, Ellie was eager to hone in on her dreams and give herself every chance to explore the entertainment business and find her path towards achieving her goals.

Following on from her success in the UK, she moved to Hollywood and was invited to become a member of SAG as her roles in numerous productions helped her make inroads at top studios while making new connections with prominent Hollywood producers.

The actress was soon booked for TV shows and played parts in VH1’s Barely Famous and starred in John Singleton’s TV drama ‘Snowfall’. She also appeared in numerous commercials for major brands from Fila to LG, and acclaimed hairdressing company Toni & Guy.

Speaking with Britain Daily, Patrikios said: “Whatever career path you choose for yourself it is vital to know every aspect of it – being as comfortable behind the camera as well as in front, by knowing how to film and direct, you have the ability to know what a director or cameraman is aiming for in a shot, and therefore, you can achieve the very best – efficiently and quickly.”

Playing the lead role in American Widescreen Pictures’ upcoming film ‘The Soul Eater’ by award winning Italian director Stefano Milla and Triangle Road Entertainment’s ‘Black Pumpkin’, Patrikios continues to focus on her craft while acting in features, TV series as well as commercials.

But throughout her early career, her mindset has played a role in giving her more opportunities where others have been pessimistic about her chances and what it really means to be successful in the film business. Ellie has had to keep a positive frame of mind – even when it’s been tough to progress.

“If someone ever uses ‘impossible’ in a sentence, it’s my integral mission to disprove their theory. I believe I will go to such lengths in order to give the doubters a feeling of inevitable hope. I want people to be open, to follow their gut and pursue any dream deemed impossible in achieving.”

And for European actors who want to take their shot at Hollywood, Ellie encourages them to stay optimistic so that they can give themselves every chance, even when things look difficult: “Anything can be done!”

To find out more about Ellie Patrikios and her latest projects, visit her official website.

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