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Bond, Jane Bond? Pierce Brosnan wants a female 007


Pierce Brosnan has publicly backed a new female Bond after speaking at the Deauville Film Festival about the franchise.

The actor was picking up an award in France and discussed the current Bond films, saying he would be very “excited” at the prospect of there being a female playing Bond in the upcoming movies. The James Bond franchise is one of the world’s most recognised, based on the novels of Ian Fleming, and in the upcoming film ‘No Time To Die’ the story will include a female ‘James Bond’. What some are already calling ‘Jane Bond’ could very well be the next step in the direction of the franchise after Daniel Craig retires next year.

The question remains, will the Bond fans wish to see a female lead? Brosnan also reflected on the #MeToo movement saying that its impact on culture was significant, and that movies needed to account for the change – and potentially how the Bond character ‘behaves himself’ on screen with women.

‘No Time To Die’ is scheduled to be released next April after it was delayed due to problems with the script. With rumours swirling that this could be the start of a new chapter in the Bond franchise, a female Bond could very well be the beginning of a new era for Bond after 2020. Are you ready for it?