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Shock study reveals nearly all U.K. Gen Z social media users feel pressured to be ‘perfect’

© Daria Nepriakhina

A new study released by The Cybersmile Foundation has revealed shocking new statistics on the impact social media is having on young Brits.

According to Cybersmile’s latest data, 87% of Gen Z internet users indicated that content on social media made them feel pressured to be ‘perfect’. The new data, released to coincide with this year’s Stop Cyberbullying Day campaign, also revealed a staggering 85% of Gen Z internet users said that social media was negatively affecting how they felt about their own bodies.

With young internet users becoming increasingly connected through social media, apps and online games, the renewed pressures of digital life appear to be taking their toll on Britain’s Gen Z.

Speaking about the findings of the data, Britain’s leading Gen Z influencer and Cybersmile Ambassador Holly H said, “Get some extra help if you ever find yourself struggling because your mental health and wellbeing is super important.”

Reacting to the latest data, Cybersmile’s Wellness & Equity advisor Dr Barbara Mariposa said, “The findings of Digital Wellbeing 2022 are stark. They underline the vital importance of education from an early age in the safe and respectful use of social media.”

As a majority of internet users now interact through social media, the report’s findings are shedding light on how Gen Z users are being impacted in areas including body image as well as sleep. Cybersmile’s Digital Wellbeing 2022 report could be just the tip of the iceberg as Britain’s younger generation struggle with their personal identities in our ever increasingly connected world.

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