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Planning your move out of Halls of Residence this year

© Nirmal Rajendharkumar

If you’re living in your university’s halls of residence, you’ve no doubt had an experience to remember in the past year. However, when it’s time to move out of your room, you’ll need to make sure you’ve planned accordingly. A little bit of thinking ahead can make all the difference – turning a potentially stressful task into a breeze with the right preparation.

Below are Britain Daily’s top tips to help you out: 

Get rid of things you don’t want: When you’re moving out of halls, don’t be tempted to take stuff with you that you no longer need. Old course books could be donated to future freshers, and unwanted clothes could be donated to charity shops. Check with your university reception to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Recycle your waste: You may have built up a certain amount of waste over your year, and it can be tempting to throw it all in one big bin bag to get rid of it. However, your university will likely have recycling facilities at which you can drop paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.

Stock up on packaging: Having some good quality cardboard boxes, sticky tape and a marker pen will make your moving day so much easier. Check out local supermarkets for empty boxes, or simply order a few from a specialist company. You should be able to find what you need in the range of Safestore packaging.

Plan your affairs: Make sure you’ve tied up any loose ends regarding your room rent, utility bills and any other expenses you’ve been responsible for over the course of the year. Remember to change the addresses on your bills, and put a forwarding order on your post via Royal Mail.

Get cleaning: Before you entered halls, you will have put down a deposit to protect the university against any damage caused by you during your stay. In order to get it back in full, you’ll need to put right any damage and clean your room and common areas to an acceptable standard. Don’t forget about cupboards, dishwashers and washing machines – these all need to be cleared of your possessions.

Book storage if needed: If you have another accommodation sorted for next term, you may choose to leave some of your possessions in storage, rather than take them back to wherever you’re staying over summer. Make sure you book the right amount of space in advance as these places can get booked up quite quickly due to the increased demand.

Return keys: Make sure you give your keys back to your university when you check out, and remember to check out on time.

Plan your travel: Whether you’re being picked up by friends or parents, you need a removal van, or you’re going to drive yourself, make sure you book anything you need plenty of time in advance.

Good luck with your move!