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Central London Alliance urges support for businesses calling Tier 3 restrictions “catastrophic” for London

© Étienne Godiard

The Central London Alliance has urged the government to implement a package of measures to support businesses across the capital as Tier 3 restrictions to control rising infections cause havoc in multiple sectors.

From hotels to shop floors, businesses are reeling from a year of disruption and now face tough local restrictions and closures starting Wednesday.

Following a fast rise in infections in Greenwich and other London Boroughs, the government announced it would be implementing the new restrictions leading to immediate closures of businesses from indoor play centres to B&Bs, hotels and conference centres, cinemas and theatres.

Speaking with Britain Daily today, Tony Matharu, Director of the Central London Alliance said, “This move is catastrophic for London and particularly for its hotel, hospitality, retail and cultural sectors. These sectors, already severely and disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, are now in a critical condition and the decision to move all of London into Tier 3 could not have come at a worse time. The prospect of some slight recovery during the festive season is now gone, just as the BREXIT negotiations continue to run into serious challenges.”

With London businesses facing a loss of income from the important festive season ahead of Christmas, the move to put the capital under the strictest measures is already causing financial hardship for business owners and venues in multiple sectors – with further job losses expected.

The Central London Alliance, a collection of London businesses across the capital, have urged for immediate financial support.

“In order to survive and retain jobs, Central London businesses need an immediate commitment of financial support that recognises the high costs of doing business in Central London. This needs to be unlike past offers of support which failed to recognise the distinct needs of businesses in London and particularly its hotel, hospitality, retail and cultural sectors,” said Matharu.

With London locking down on Wednesday, businesses are facing the most difficult winter in a generation and will need government intervention to help prevent further damage to the economy.

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