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EasyJet data breach one of the largest cyberattacks on a company

© Frederick Tubiermont

EasyJet, one of the UK’s most recognised brands has revealed it has suffered an unprecedented cyber-attack on its computer systems.

The data breach is set to affect 9 million customers worldwide and was deemed to be “highly sophisticated” in nature.

It is just the latest company to be impacted by cyber crime as data theft continues, and the risks of personal information being accessed remain – even for companies that are putting in place rigorous systems of protection.

More than 2000 credit card details were stolen in the attack and EasyJet will notify its customers in the coming days.

The data breach reinforces the need for data protection and security in many industries. This also follows a breach with British Airways – which was eventually fined £183 million in 2019 when personal information of up to 500,000 customers had been stolen.

Data security is a growing concern for companies of all sizes and the UK has a growing global expertise in cybersecurity and data removal.

Verity Systems, a UK-based data security company manufactures hard drive degaussers, and is one of the key players in the data security space around the world – providing businesses with a way to securely erase their data with magnetic erasure.

Other leading UK enterprises in data and cybersecurity include Clearswift and SentryBay – providing expertise on data loss and transfer as well as protection.

Following the breach, EasyJet notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which has begun an investigation.

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