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GlycanAge offers luxury health test worth £279 free to public and NHS

© GlycanAge

To thank those at home and the NHS, biotech start-up GlycanAge is offering 1000 free tests to NHS workers and 100 free tests to the public. During May, the cost will also be reduced by 30% to £195.30.

GlycanAge is an at-home blood test that analyses glycans (sugars that coat cells) in the body to determine an individual’s biological age. Understanding the difference between biological age and actual “chronological” age has been proven to indicate the state of an individual’s overall health. This means that if the biological age comes back much higher, there could be a potential underlying risk to health. Likewise, if the number is the same or lower than an individual’s chronological age then the test can provide much needed reassurance. A recent editorial in the journal Aging suggests the importance of biological age in relation to Covid-19 disease severity**.

The process uses patented technology developed by Gordan Lauc, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb (and Honorary Professor at King’s College London), and his team after 20 years of research and over 100 research papers published in leading scientific journals.

Glycoscience is still a little-understood area of science, however, it is believed glycans may hold the key to understanding more about the impact of lifestyle choices on our health. As final molecular effectors that integrate genetic, epigenetic and environmental information, glycans offer a much more accurate snapshot of health at any given time, due to the potential impact of diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors.

Professor Lauc comments: “The Covid-19 epidemic has forced many of us to refocus on our health and value the privilege of good health. There is still so much to learn about glycans but we believe that new, imminent findings will be the next big leap forward in science after the discovery of DNA.”

The test can be ordered at from 1st May.