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Revealed: The UK region with the best drivers

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Dayinsure conducted a survey looking to uncover which UK region is home to the best drivers. Surveying 500 members of the UK public, they posed a series of questions looking at all aspects of a person’s driving competence.

It was discovered that the North East, Yorkshire and The Humber is the region that is home to the best drivers. They surpassed all other regions in three of the nine question categories, including that 67% of residents here have never overtaken when they shouldn’t have.

In second place was the South West, which landed in the top three for six categories. Drivers here are the least likely to check their mobile phones whilst waiting in traffic or at lights.

Interestingly, London came in second-to-last place, scoring mildly better than the Midlands, which was named as the region with the worst drivers in the UK. A quarter of survey respondents from London had admitted to causing an accident whilst driving, whereas nearly 63% of people from the Midlands claimed they eat, drink or smoke whilst behind the wheel.

These are just some of the fascinating findings about the UK’s driving behaviours that the research uncovered. View all of the questions, answers and rankings in full.

Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “The survey discovered some really interesting truths about the UK’s driving habits as a whole. When examining the results, we found it interesting that rural areas like the North East, Yorkshire and The Humber and the South West considerably outperformed more urban areas like London. Of course, there are good drivers wherever you may go in the UK, however, it seems like the best behaved reside in the North East of the country.”