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Carlos Santos, President of Ethos Asset Management Inc – Entrepreneur spotlight

© Carlos Santos

Though it may seem like the most successful business leaders have it all figured out, the truth is that they have had to face their fair share of challenges. One of the key differences is their ability to overcome obstacles and use them as springboards for success. Often, it is only through trial and error that entrepreneurs are able to learn what works and what doesn’t.

For Carlos Santos, the year 2014 marked the beginning of a downward spiral in his life. He suffered the consequences of poor investment decisions which ultimately cost the entrepreneur millions of dollars as a result of being taken advantage of, depriving him of all of his belongings. Everyone was ready to point out the flaws in his manner of life and criticize him. But what they didn’t know was that Carlos was trying to make a comeback in the midst of everything that was going on.

This process can be messy when entrepreneurs face difficulties in their careers, but it is essential if they want to achieve long-term success. The good news is that even if they do take a few missteps along the way, they can make a comeback through determination. The most defining factor is to never give up on one’s dreams and constantly learn from mistakes.

Carlos believes that what distinguishes one person from another is how they deal with adversity and setbacks. In most situations, speaking to Britain Daily he describes himself as an “all-in”. In everything that he does, Carlos seeks to put his absolute best effort. In the end, he remains unconcerned whenever he is confronted with a challenge and he is well aware that challenges will ultimately lead him to a positive solution.

Professional education and career – How he started

Carlos Santos earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG), where he also earned his Master’s degree in Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance. Carlos Santos also holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance.

He was an employee at the Banco de Portugal (BdP), where he worked in the Statistics Department and had roles in the Monetary and Financial Statistics Section as well as the Centralization of Credit Responsibilities Section. Carlos, in collaboration with the other Central Banks of the Euro Zone, conceived of and designed the reorganization of the BdP database.

Simultaneously, he took part in research on the economic sustainability of several different Portuguese service enterprises that were being conducted at the ISEG. He utilized management control tools for veterinary hospitals as well as devised economic viability models for evaluating geriatric treatments. Even now, he continues to teach Economics as a visiting lecturer at the ISEG.

Since the beginning of Ethos Group, he has been personally involved in the development of two of the company’s business areas, namely financial trading, and project financing. He has been actively involved in the growth of all of the firms that are a part of Ethos Group since the beginning.

The excellence of his research and applied work has been acknowledged by numerous organizations, including Hadarat Global (May 2022) with the award in Leadership and Business Excellence, World’s Leaders (April 2022) with the award World’s Most Daring CEOs to Watch in 2022, Unified Brainz Group/Passion Vista with the award of Who’s Who of the World (2022) and Men Leaders to Look Up (2021), and The Leaders Without Borders with the award Africa Dubai Honours Award for Excellence (2015).

Carlos’ Contribution to Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA

A financial professional needs to not only apply his skills but also intuition to create something exceptional. This is because the world of finance is constantly changing and evolving, and they need to be able to anticipate change and adapt accordingly. In order to do this, financial specialists need to have a deep understanding of the financial markets and be able to read between the lines. Carlos’ skills and acquired knowledge enabled him to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems. This combination of skills and intuition allowed him to create something truly exceptional in the world of finance.

Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, buys and sells Fixed Income Assets and Securities through brokerage accounts (sub-accounts in Numis and Oanda) in International Investment Banks such as HSBC, Barclays, or Credit Suisse by utilizing its trading algorithm and its own capital. These brokerage accounts are located in these international investment banks. Ethos makes use of its own proprietary algorithm, which navigates and issues alerts in accordance with ‘entry and exit positions in the markets for commodities, currency, bonds, futures, and shares in both domestic and international markets. They employ a risk-modified aggressive strategy, which allows them to spread their profits and amass them through compounding. The method makes it possible to predict and compound earnings using a single, unified form.

Ethos is capable of paying its initial investment (the “Pay Back Period”) in seven years and two months when the intangible innovation developed by Carlos Santos is incorporated into the model of project finance to trade the credit lines that are activated by the guarantees that are in place. In this approach, the indirect method, which is the collateral that secures the loan lines, causes the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the project to increase while simultaneously reducing the Pay Back Period (PB).

Since Carlos was the founder of the company, he has a particularly close connection to Ethos. His abilities and experience have been important in Ethos’ year-over-year advancement, and thanks to Carlos’s devotion and plans, the company is well on its way to achieving its goals.

Carlos Santos is a young billionaire entrepreneur behind the Ethos brand, which began in 2012. The tycoon is the founder and chair of the Ethos Group, which is present in 72 countries through its 6 companies in the United States, Portugal, UK, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

Carlos’ companies include financial trading activity (lease of algorithm and own trading) and project financing investment.

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