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Sonolafonte reshaping how education is delivered through scalable digital learning solutions

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Integrated learning solutions provider Sonolafonte is bringing new scalable learning solutions to institutions around the world following the disruption to the education sector during the pandemic.

With education going through a major transition to a digital-first learning environment, Sonolafonte has seen a need to create a solution that will adapt to shifting modern trends where students are now choosing to apply for remote courses.

Founded in London, Sonolafonte has been working with institutions, governments and professional bodies across the Middle East as well as individual learners to provide new course content with personalised experiences.

One of the challenges the education sector has faced is designing adaptable content around complex curriculums that have been traditionally delivered in a seminar format, or with practical application.

With a need to incorporate adaptable course content to ensure students can learn the right professional skills for success, Sonolafonte has developed its core offering to deliver tailored content that is contextually adapted for this new reality. Courses can be delivered through universities and institutions as well as government bodies that seek to provide specialist training remotely.

Another challenge for institutions has been the need to quickly scale up and deliver course content for a variety of specialist industries as well as being able to assess the progress of each enrolled student. Sonolafonte has developed its virtual education solutions and products with this in mind so that integrated services can empower schools, colleges and universities to manage and deliver their course content, and at scale.

As education goes through a transition into digital learning, the use of cutting-edge course delivery is now at the heart of every institution, and because of this shift, it’s more important than ever for established providers to be adapting to this new way of delivering e-learning content.

For students that are seeking to study courses at a range of schools and universities, within the next few years there will be a transformation in classrooms and lecture halls where digital, integrated systems will play a bigger role in the education experience.

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