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Michael Ede’s Uplift11 becomes the UK’s number 1 sports talent incubator

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Sports management agency Uplift11 has been one of the fast rising talent incubators in the UK for professional athletes looking to maximise their careers.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and FA-licensed players intermediary Michael Ede, Uplift11 has become the UK’s premier talent incubator thanks to its unique approach to fostering skills and helping to grow athlete careers internationally. By providing a comprehensive management service to athletes, Uplift11 has been creating personal brands and cultivating a positive working environment to champion success.

From coordinating sponsorship activities with agents, publicists, and marketing professionals to negotiating contracts, managing media appearances and endorsement deals as well as financial planning, Uplift11 has been developing its own model for its athletes, adapting to their needs and desires to find new opportunities.

Also handling cross-continental transactions, Uplift11 works with diverse international talent and has created strategic partnerships including with FA registered intermediaries and sports consultants to boost talent success. This has allowed athletes to find additional prospects in markets outside the UK, further cementing their sporting careers internationally.

Following his 16-year run in project management, Michael Ede has been helping Uplift11 become a global powerhouse for sporting achievement while leveraging his expertise to get athletes a foot in the door. Having helped develop the brand with his unique industry insights, he has approached the business through an international perspective with a mission to uplift and maximise the potential of each talent.

With his years of industry experience and corporate background at renowned financial institutions, consulting firms and biopharma giants, Ede has been a big influence on athletes looking at the bigger picture, working closely with them to bring passion and enthusiasm that helps take their careers to the next level.

Ede is also the Director of Training and Development for Brighter Connect, a training and consulting firm that provides courses and learning materials in a variety of fields. This educational background has helped him refine the training at Uplift11, enabling athletes to leverage their unique abilities to become international sporting figures.

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