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G7FX Professional Trading platform launched by former Barclays trader seeks to empower traders with market knowledge

Neerav Vadera – G7FX

A new trading programme recently launched by Neerav Vadera, a former Barclays Investment Bank trader, is seeking to disrupt the industry with market leading knowledge.

Having spent more than 15 years in institutional investment banks and firms, and with a background in Forex and Futures trading, Neerav developed a comprehensive course that he launched earlier this year to equip new traders with in-depth market knowledge.

After a successful career in the institutional sector, Neerav felt it was time to bring his knowledge to traders around the world, and provide two distinct programmes specific to their current situation.

With the highly complex and intricate nature of global investing, it takes a considerable number of years for any trader to acquire the skills and insights needed to make appropriate trading decisions. As investments can come with a substantial risk for those that are not tactically skilled, there are many new traders that find it difficult to make strategic decisions from an outsider’s perspective.

Neerav’s trading educational platform, G7FX, is seeking to bring that market insights knowledge to those that want the extra skills without having to sacrifice years getting into the institutional investing game.

What G7FX is bringing to the table

Developed to help traders fine tune their investing and market awareness, G7FX is divided into two distinct programmes.

A foundation course for traders

The first, is a foundation course which contains a detailed library of content with more than 13 hours of video content. Within these videos there are detailed business plans and timetables as well as case studies of different institutions and how trading practices can be adapted into the current financial climate.

Part of the Foundational course also aims to deconstruct the current framework of the market into understandable chunks so that the trader can get a grasp on the fundamentals of supply and demand, as well as how prices fluctuate, and what factors influence those prices.

And in the last part of the Foundation course, users are introduced to DOMs which explain in detail how to read the current institutional order flow. This also encompasses a practical element for traders where they can prepare for a more in-depth training should they seek to upskill in the Pro Course format.

A Pro Course for skilled traders

As traders become more familiar with the market fundamentals and dynamics of global trade, they can opt in for a more comprehensive course that enables them to learn some of the market leading investment insights from Neerav Vadera’s career, and his own journey as a trader.

These include advanced trading strategies as well as moving away from the standard DOMs towards charts and using the more complex footprint chart. For experienced traders, the course covers volume traffic as well as taking the VWAP into account.

Neerav recommends that new traders spend at least three months studying in detail each course, depending on their current circumstances.

“It’s no secret that trading is difficult. It’s hard to even get a foot in, let alone find success. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – only that you need to have the right skills and education. Once you can navigate the market and work it for your own gain, you’re on the path to success. You simply need to know how to do it,” says Neerav.

The Pro course also comes with 40 hours of content for a much more detailed look at trading that applies to those with basic skills who want to take their knowledge further before making larger investments.

How the course aims to help its students

Prior to developing the course, Neerav Vadera set out to create a community for new traders so that they could learn from each other, along with one-to-one support. With G7FX bringing new levels of institutional knowledge to the table, students are able to access a members-only blog as well as having access to Neerav for more specific questions and technical assistance.

Distinguishing itself from other courses, G7FX Trading aims to assist traders with real world examples and institutional knowledge, which is often lacking in other online courses, according the the programme’s founder. G7FX also takes a different approach in that it is built on the knowledge of the biggest trading institutions as well as from the context of a private trading investor.

The course also encourages students to only trade with simulated money to minimise risks before making strategic financial decisions. This is also a standard format offered within training programmes provided by established trading institutions.

Making a difference through trading education

Neerav Vadera has also developed a giving back aspect to his educational programme where he donates £1000 a month to charity and offers a prize for students to find teachers that have the same or superior institutional knowledge.

Future changes for traders

With trading going through a fundamental shift, new traders are finding themselves in a fast paced investment landscape. With huge structural changes occurring in the world of finance and trading as a whole, a new generation of traders are seeing the opportunities available to them through remote working and part-time careers.

While investing is not a risk-free career, there are numerous benefits to traders that learn the right skills so that they can be successful in their day to day decisions, and ultimately go away with the market awareness needed for long term success.

As G7FX trading seeks to help traders and future traders discover investing around the world, there’s never been a better time for people to learn new skills online, and even consider a different profession.

Have you considered a career in trading and investing? Share your thoughts with us.

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading, and the use of leveraged products is extremely risky & can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable advice should be obtained before commencing trading in the financial markets.