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Bestselling author Ramzi Najjar reveals latest book that helps people unlock their unconscious knowledge


After a successful career building companies in the insurance industry, author and entrepreneur Ramzi Najjar has published his latest book “THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SECRETS: The Hidden Power in Our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge.”

Following on from his previous book “The YOU beyond you,” Ramzi Najjar is seeking to help people learn more about themselves through the power of their own unconscious knowledge.

Having graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Public Administration and Political Science, the author began his journey in the corporate world, starting in the insurance business. This led him to creating a successful enterprise in the Middle East operating in Lebanon and Kuwait.

However his experiences within his personal journey led him to becoming an author as he had a desire to publish his observations and inner perspectives on life. Having looked at his life through reflection and careful study, he realized that he could teach and show people where their true hidden powers lie.

His latest book has already received praise for its deep look at the nature of our being through metaphysical dimensions as well as biological and psychological factors.

Enduring many of life’s challenges, the author set out to elaborate on what he learned so that he could help people realize a part of themselves. With the book expanding on how one can look at both internal and external factors affecting reality, the teachings that Najjar shares unlock some of the big questions many of us have about our current state of being.

From the concepts of how mind, body and soul work in harmony through to the binding of our own truth and spirituality, the book provides those interested in exploring their spirit as a gateway to further self-realisation.

With the world moving at an ever faster pace, and through new technologies and ways of living, Ramzi Najjar is aiming to help educate and inspire those that want to take an inner look, and explore their hidden powers. Through the unconscious mind there are many secrets which the author seeks to help people understand so that they can make positive changes to their reality and individual circumstances.

To learn more about Ramzi Najjar, explore some of his latest works, or check out The Ultimate Human Secrets, which is now available for sale online via Amazon and other online retailers.