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What is Bariatric surgery and why Brits are flocking to Turkey as the best place to get treatment

Obesity is one of the most pressing problems in the world and for many Brits, it’s a huge health concern. However, developed countries are facing this problem the most as obesity becomes an emerging health crisis. But with the development of medical science, obesity has a number of good medical solutions with Turkey being one of the leading countries which is helping people overcome obesity.

Obesity surgery in Turkey is changing people’s lives through the transformational affect it has on their wellbeing. Being overweight every day is especially a huge problem for men. Bariatric surgery is one of the best methods of weight loss today. And Turkey is a country famous for medical tourism. Most foreign patients prefer to undergo bariatric surgery in Turkey as it is seen as one of the most convenient countries to do so with a high quality healthcare system which is also secure.

Available obesity surgeries in Turkey

That nation currently offers a trendy minimally invasive weight reduction surgical procedure. The remedy is fairly inexpensive, and with no danger to a person’s wellbeing. The Turkish healthcare establishments also provide comprehensive postoperative private care.

For those wishing to have surgery to lose weight, there are benefits of obesity surgery (weight loss surgery), which is called a Gastric sleeve in Turkey.

While performing an invasive laparoscopic weight reduction surgical procedure, the affected person’s part of the abdomen is operated on.

How Turkey is differentiating its offer

People are choosing Turkey because of a variety of specific factors. When you want to take any surgery service, there are a number of important elements to consider.

Reliability: Surgery is the last phase of any treatment. So while you are choosing this option, you should ensure the process is going to work for you. Obesity surgery in Turkey is one of the best in the world with a global reputation to support it. Obesity clinics are offering a whole package for obesity surgery.  From top to bottom the clinics will manage everything along with a reliable obesity surgery procedure.

Cost: Medical surgery cost is a vital factor. You must have the choice of the best surgery at the lowest rate. Unlike other western countries, surgery costs in Turkey are not as high. Labour costs in Turkey are also moderate. And with their strong infrastructure in manufacturing medical equipment, it’s a good option on the global level.

Another essential factor is lifestyle cost. In turkey the regular lifestyle cost for the patient is very low. You can manage a standard lifestyle without a large overhead. When you choose to take obesity surgery, you need to stay from 7 to 14 days in the clinics in order to complete the whole process. And in Turkey, the hospitality is very accommodating for its patients.

Postoperative service:  The factors that make Turkey’s obesity surgery clinics popular is postoperative services. Obesity patients can face many problems after surgery. The physical and mental conditions need proper counselling. In Turkey, patients can find the friendliest doctors and officials who aim to provide the best service, given the importance of foreign medical tourists to the economy.

Patient reviews: In recent years, many patients from different countries from around the world have taken obesity surgery procedures in Turkey. If you visit Clinic Mono you can see how their obesity conditions are improving over time. These patients have also shared their feelings about the whole surgery process and they are fully satisfied with their experiences.

If you are facing severe obesity problem, check the obesity surgery options available in Turkey.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

A Gastric bypass decrease (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) is a surgery that fundamentally diminishes weight by lessening the stomach’s size and the assimilation of supplements. This methodology includes making new and tiny gastric pimples and intersecting a piece of the small digestive system to restrict food admission and calorie retention.

By diminishing the size of the stomach, the patient has a fast weight reduction. A gastric detour technique is also valuable for treating heftiness-related infections, such as type 2 diabetes, coronary illness, hypertension, or elevated cholesterol.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey is possibly the most well-known sort of bariatric medical procedure, joining thorough and non-assimilated strategies.

Noticeably, Turkey is world-famous for medical tourism, and the sixth most visited place for its expertise with people travelling around the world to get their treatments.

From Turkey’s weight loss treatments including obesity or weight loss surgery through to gastric sleeve, stomach botox, gastric bypass, gastric balloon surgeries and more, there are many reputable hospitals in Turkey for a myriad of treatments.

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