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How the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey are becoming popular with Brits who seek affordable treatments abroad


Turkey has been a top destination for Brits who want to get a hair transplant at a considerably lower cost. Treatments over the years have become more accessible to the general public and it’s not just the high profile footballers like Wayne Rooney that can get a full hair transplant.

With some of the world’s leading hair transplant clinics offering VIP hair transplants in Turkey, international medical tourism has been on the rise for men and women looking for treatments to reverse baldness.

Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic adapts to Covid 19

So how have clinics dealt with the challenges of COVID-19? With global restrictions on travel, it’s been more difficult for patients to access clinics. One of Turkey’s leading hair transplant facilities, Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic, has been introducing antibody tests and strict private travel for its guests to navigate the risks posed by the pandemic.

Having served thousands of customers, Hermest Hair Transplant clinic provides advanced hair transplant treatments such as the Sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplant procedures – among the most popular with international travellers. With a high success rate, and globally recognised treatments, it’s one of Turkey’s leading clinics that has welcomed British medical tourists over the past several years.

The DHI hair transport technique involves the use of a Choi hair implanter pen which extracts the grafts and then applies them to the area where hair is receding. The FUE technique works to extract hair grafts from a donor area. This involves the usage of a micrometer surgical tool.

And while Britons may be currently restricted internationally, hair transplant treatments are becoming more affordable, with Turkey being one of the main destinations in the world, costing between £1,500 and £3,500 for full transplants vs UK hair clinics which will charge £5,000 to £20,000 for a variety of treatments.

With the UK set to become the first G7 country to emerge from the pandemic lockdown thanks to its domestic vaccination programme, hair transplant bookings are already seeing a recovery as private travel is expected to be allowed within the coming months, as early as June.

The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey have applied a variety of safety procedures including regular tests for medical staff, isolated patient treatments with strict sanitisation of equipment and treatment rooms. Hospital visits and transfers are also strictly monitored with regular testing for COVID-19 carried out by staff.

For Turkey’s important medical tourism industry, tackling COVID-19 has been one of its top priorities as the country aims to welcome more Brits and international travellers looking for low cost, and high quality treatments.

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