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Best online business courses: IBMI, LSBF, and Rutgers top poll

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E-learning is changing the way people acquire new management skills today. Students are now searching for more flexibility — whether this is through part-time MBA formats or flexible online programs. For those looking to quickly build up their management knowledge taking online business courses can be the perfect fit.

In this article, Britain Daily reveals the three best websites for acquiring essential business skills that have proven popular with readers:

1. Most Affordable: IBMI Berlin, Germany

The International Business Management Institute (IBMI) in Berlin offers a complete online Mini-MBA program in English. This program includes the six online courses Essential Management Skills, Marketing and Communication, International Business, Strategy and Operations, Finance and Accounting, as well as Human Resource Management. IBMI also offers additional programs in project management, financial management, and innovation management.

This Mini-MBA program only costs $90 and is the most affordable program you can find anywhere (02/2021). It is a fast-track program that takes about 18 hours to complete. All courses are self-paced. You can find more information about this program here.

2. Best Live Sessions: LSBF, UK

The Mini-MBA program at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) in the UK is another great program. Students will gain the necessary financial knowledge and management techniques needed to make strategic business decisions and lead business change. This programme has been designed for executives, managers, and senior stakeholders from a wide range of industries. LSBF is offering live classes and a flexible schedule with evening sessions.

The LSBF Mini-MBA program (called Executive miniMBA) takes about 8 weeks (1 live evening class per week) and total costs are £1,750 (01/2021). You can find more information about this program here.

3. Most Extensive: Rutgers Business School, US

The Mini-MBA at Rutgers Business School in the US offers professionals an opportunity to maintain their career trajectory with an efficient, focused injection of modern concepts and strategy. Featuring ten modules, the program addresses key issues including business law, strategy, leadership, new market dynamics, and modern business theory.

The duration is 12 weeks (self-paced) and total costs for this program are $3,495 (01/2021). It is more expensive than the other two options mentioned above, but the program will empower you to contribute as a confident thought leader who has mastered today’s rapidly changing business landscape. You can find more information about this program here.

Why should you take an online business program?

One major advantage of taking online business courses is the price tag. While an average MBA costs tens of thousands, Mini-MBA tuition fees run from as little as US$90 to a few thousand. Mini-MBA programs are excellent programs for different types of candidates: You can benefit from a Mini-MBA if you want to learn the essentials of a traditional MBA, advance your career, or simply obtain in-demand management skills.

Are you exploring online business courses to develop your skills?