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Amanda Falkson sees growing demand for online therapy during lockdown

Psychotherapist, coach & mentor / © Amanda Falkson

With online therapy taking centre stage during the pandemic, psychotherapists and mental health experts such as Amanda Falkson from London, are seeing a growing need for online treatments.

As Britain continues to endure a painful lockdown in most parts of the country, online therapy has been growing exponentially with people seeking support at a distance to help them cope with isolation, trouble with concentration and other ailments with the restrictions currently in place.

For professionals like Amanda Falkson, the pandemic has led to a large increase in demand for services, with many London practitioners alike seeing how important online therapies are for people experiencing a various number of issues.

Even prior to the pandemic, the debate on public mental health has been ongoing, with more Government support for mental health services and charities such as Mind offering workshops and counselling for individuals.

Public figures have also been encouraging people to take care of their mental health. Releasing a video message during Children’s Mental Health Week, the Duchess of Cambridge encouraged parents to look after their mental health “during this hugely challenging time.”

Regardless of where people are based, online therapy is proving to be convenient for many that are unable to get local support. Sessions are provided through online platforms such as Skype and Zoom, enabling people from all walks of life to access important services at the click of a button.

As mobility changes, and more people work from home, online therapies are becoming an essential service, which individuals as well as companies can explore to help protect their mental wellbeing.

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