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The Templar Fund reveals latest Q4 earnings for 2020

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The Templar Fund have revealed their latest figures for Q4 2020 showing strong growth for investors.

For the final quarter of 2020, investors saw earnings of 30.124% and non-compounded annual earnings of 74.050%.

The Q4 earnings report revealed by the Templar Fund demonstrates the company’s best performance since it was launched as an online trading platform in 2018. Having been one of the emerging players in the cryptocurrency space, the Templar Fund has been at the forefront of what has been an exciting year for digital currencies around the world.

With the digital hedge fund’s transparent approach to live trading information, and a portal that allows investors to participate from around the world, its latest quarterly earnings were supported by “fine tuning our yield farming operation” according the company’s latest statement.

As digital currencies go through a transformational period, Bitcoin and ETH investors have benefitted from strong returns despite large fluctuations in market asset prices during a year which saw the pandemic affect companies in all industries.

And most recently, Bitcoin skyrocketed to its all-time high valuation of above $30,000 with larger institutional investors taking note. In a sign of things to come, businesses have been adapting to digital currencies, which are set to make bigger inroads in 2021. Some analysts have even predicted a 4x increase in valuation for Bitcoin alone.

To discover the Templar Fund’s latest quarterly earnings, explore the company’s Q4 report here.

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