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Arrow Management helping businesses boost sustainability with new eco-packaging solutions

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Dublin-based print, packaging and design company, Arrow Management, has launched new eco-packaging solutions for companies looking to amplify sustainability in packaging choices.

With sustainability playing a big part in achieving carbon emissions targets, businesses are being offered the choice of new eco packaging solutions that include a range of printed and plain eco-friendly packaging. From printed cartons and boxes to adhesive tapes and documents enclosed wallets, Arrow Management is enabling businesses to make more sustainable choices in their packaging materials.

The products are made from 100% paper and are completely recyclable and biodegradable.

But that’s not all. For companies that want to raise brand awareness with sustainable products, Arrow Management offers bamboo pencils and pen sets that can be engraved with a company’s name and logo.

Since 2002, Arrow Management has been providing project management, print, packaging and design project services to clients across Ireland. The company’s move to offer eco-packaging solutions comes at a time when more and more customers are expecting sustainable packaging.

In fact, research conducted by global performance management company, Nielsen N.V., found that three out of four consumers are so concerned about packaging waste that they want suppliers to make it a priority. What’s more is that 55% of consumers seek out brands with sustainable packaging .

Explaining the motivation for launching the eco-packaging solutions, Managing Director of Arrow Management, Dan Mulcahy, said: “While governments concern themselves with the big picture, there are small changes that you and I can make as individuals that will have real benefits for our homes and neighbourhoods. My purpose is to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we use in our offices and homes by offering people more sustainable choices when it comes to packaging and common office products. Whether it’s sticky tape, jiffy bags or plastic pens, there are all-paper alternatives we can choose that are easy to recycle and that won’t pollute our environment.”

As sustainability takes centre stage in the coming years, businesses like Arrow Management are among those seeking to promote recylable and biodegradable products for a variety of uses cases. And as Ireland, the EU and the UK look to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the environment, businesses are able to play their part in the global effort.

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