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Nua Fertility helping to promote fertility naturally through its scientific formula

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A professional couple with a background in adult community education and marketing have given up the security of full-time employment to establish Nua Fertility, a family-run company helping to address infertility. Founded by Deborah Brock and her husband Mark, having experienced first-hand the challenges of trying for a baby, Nua Fertility is aiming to support people that want to conceive.

Like an increasing number of parents, Deborah, and Mark’s fertility journey, was anything but straightforward, but now they are proud parents to a beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Ella. It lasted almost four emotionally and physically draining years, but, with the aid of science, specifically ICSI, and some amazing medical professionals, it, eventually had a happy ending.

Deborah and Mark’s experience gave them a no-holds-barred insight into the reality of fertility problems that a growing number of couples and individuals face. It also — after extensive research and consultations with medical professionals — led them to discover the world of the microbiome and its significant impact on fertility.

While a host of factors such as poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and a tendency to start a family later in life are considered to be the main contributing factors to our declining natural fertility, the importance of the microbiome and the role it plays in our general health and our fertility cannot be over-stated.

Nua Fertility’s goal is to support individuals and couples to prepare their body and to be at the absolute best when looking to conceive. The company’s ever-expanding online community, where they share everything from findings and research to fertility-boosting recipes, has inspired many looking to conceive.

Whether couples are thinking, planning or trying for a baby, or their path to parenthood has taken more twists and turns than they may have expected, Nua Fertility’s first-of-its-kind formula contains good bacteria, minerals and vitamins, to support vital aspects of reproductive health and function.

Their approach in developing a unique formula has been driven by science; Nua Fertility engaged with APC Microbiome Ireland based at UCC and Teagasc to review and evaluate the scientific literature relating to the gut-fertility-microbiome axis and to assist with scoping out an R&D path to science-based product development. The advisory team consists of Nutritional therapist, Sarah Trimble of Trimble Nutrition; Fertility coach and Director of Fertile Life Cindy Charles, General Practitioner Dr Debbie Collins, Chemist Robert Gordon of Gordons Chemist, Barbara Scott, Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, founder of Seren Natural Fertility and leading fertility specialist, Dr Lyuda Shkrobot MD, MSC Gynaecologist.

Dr Shkrobot said that, “Looking after your gut can help to reduce chronic inflammation and normalise microbiome in the uterus and vagina. I am delighted to be an advisory team member of Nua Fertility and to be working with a company that is highlighting the importance of the microbiome to fertility – an overlooked but vital area.”

With Nua Fertility’s food supplement for women concentrating on key nutrients to support healthy conception and preparation for pregnancy, the blend of an essential mix of vitamins & minerals, including zinc, selenium and vitamins C, E, D, B6, B12 is combined with good bacteria to help support a healthy microbiome. The formula includes 400µg of Folic Acid (in naturally occurring folate) as recommended by the Department of Health, for women when trying for a baby.

Nua Fertility’s approach is to have a community at the centre of everything they do. This includes the launch of the their education hub which has become a space where the community can be informed and take an active role in optimising their fertility.

With a strong emphasis on fertility health, the business aims to support couples by offering natural solutions for the best optimal health.

To learn more about Nua Fertility, visit the official website for more information.

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