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From Kuwait to the UK, entrepreneur Abdullah Almanna is sharing his secrets to financial freedom

© Abdullah Almanna

Entrepreneur and Internet personality Abdullah Almanna is living what many would consider to be the dream life.

Having travelled extensively around the world to more than 30 countries on his to-do list, Almanna is sharing his knowledge with up and coming entrepreneurs to inspire them to follow in his footsteps.

As a global adventurer, Almanna has long had a passion for discovering new cultures and visiting places and cities. From Hollywood to Melbourne, Australia, the entrepreneur turned social influencer is sharing his insights from around the world.

Recently launching his new financial success ebook for digital nomads, the entrepreneur is sharing what he considers the number 1 trait for success and living the lifestyle of your dreams. Also in his new book includes a 5-question action plan to get people on the path to choosing where they want to go. This can often be the most challenging for up and coming businesses owners as well as full-time employees that want to change their path in life. Answering these fundamental questions and getting very specific about where you want to go, and taking on action on it, can make all the difference.

And with his background in public accounting and investing, Almanna’s new book covers the important steps people can make towards their own financial freedom – applying the methods he has used to get to where they want to be.

With so many entrepreneurs looking for inspiration to secure their financial futures, digital nomads can learn from this new kind of approach to living, while getting to travel the world and pursuing their passions.

To learn more about Abdullah Almanna’s latest travel adventures, see his Instagram updates for further insights.

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