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Raine Storey to launch her first virtual art exhibition from London

© Raine Storey

Raine Storey, a Canadian born artist living in London is set to launch her first virtual art exhibition entitled ‘Recovery’ to showcase her latest creations.

The virtual exhibition will be broadcast from London, inviting artists and the public to participate starting on the 1st November, where they can view her latest artworks. Private viewings with the artist can be made upon request with the exhibition focusing on a series of new paintings.

Storey, who resides in Chelsea, like many of her art peers in the creative community, has been affected by the pandemic. With people unable to visit exhibitions, the choice of launching a virtual experience has been something she has wanted to develop for some time. The concept of recovery for the artist also comes after overcoming endocarditis which resulted in open heart surgery back in 2017 – with her new exhibition being inspired from her experiences and challenges.

Speaking with Britain Daily this week, Raine said, “I am looking forward to launching my first virtual art exhibition which will enable me to connect with viewers around the world. Recovery has been in the works for the last two years. An idea born from my time living in hospital and reignited during the lockdown. Both instances were a reminder to me that my living space has a big impact on how I feel. I want to create art that can take the viewer away from stresses in their daily lives. I would love for you to virtually come over to my home gallery, I hope to see you there!”

Storey is only the second visual artist to have received a full post-secondary scholarship after receiving funding to support her undergraduate studies in Canada. Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours as a Loran Scholar at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Raine has developed her professional career over a number of years, taking her art around the world from Australia to the UK, and featuring in well known exhibitions and private collections.

Storey’s unique classical and contemporary styles through her oil paintings sets her apart, and with her love of rich palettes and a careful approach to detail, she’s managed to capture spectacular moments in her paintings that evoke strong emotions.

Among some of her recent works include a beautifully rendered champagne shower and flower painting entitled ‘Blooming Birkin’.

Her new virtual exhibition will go live from 1st-15th November and can be accessed through her website or via her Instagram. 10% of sales will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.