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Ahmad Mansour is inspiring UK entrepreneurs with his luxury supercars and acting success

© Ahmad Mansour / Instagram

Ahmad Mansour is making a name for himself in the film industry and business community following his successful breakout role in Australia’s popular ‘Underbelly: The Golden Mile’.

Originally born in Sydney, Mansour delved into his passion for acting at a young age and started out playing small roles in Australian productions, which then got him noticed and led to getting further roles in several TV episodes and films. After shooting two series, the actor travelled to locations for shoots based in the UAE and Germany, while also visiting the UK.

The actor has since worked on films with UK MMA star Colin Fletcher and director Tony Tisle, and is continuing to forge ahead in his career as an actor. However Mansour is not just known for his acting, but also his entrepreneurial strengths.

Having visited Dubai in his travels, Mansour has a second passion for luxury supercars. It was there that he decided to start a luxury supercar rental business, which he’s grown into an international brand that provides services to British public figures, entrepreneurs, royalty and more.

While his acting passions remain, his choice to start a business has helped him make international connections, navigate the headwinds of a global economic downturn – and discover new cultures. The actor turned entrepreneur also regularly shares insights at his various speaking engagements around the world on how he’s found success in the film industry, and his approach to business.

To learn more about his entrepreneurial vision, visit his Luxury Supercars website or you can follow him on Instagram.

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