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M&M Turned Parts sees improving supply chain conditions for businesses in the UK

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M&M Turned Parts, one of the UK’s leading brass turned parts and components manufacturers, has experienced a steady rise in demand as businesses look towards 2021 for investments in new production activity.

Established in 1990, the successful company produces a large range of brass turned components and machined parts for a range of businesses across the UK and around the world, supplying the hydraulic and fastener industry as well as other sectors.

The family run business plays a crucial role in the UK’s supply chain for manufacturers, providing specialist parts from complex turned components using CNC Turning Machines through to specialist fasteners, hydraulic fittings, brass fittings and more. This includes a range of Citizen Sliding Head CNC Turning Lathes, allowing the business to machine difficult to machine metals that have a low frequency vibration (LFV) on some lathes. These are produced at their machining facility south of Birmingham and provide a variety of businesses with materials that are both ferrous and non-ferrous – with turned parts produced from steel, stainless steel, brass and more.

In line with its goals to provide quality brass turned components with its CNC Turning Machines, M&M Turned Parts has also invested in the latest Keyence measurement system, allowing it to measure component dimensions to within 0.03 microns. This enables the company to produce automatic inspection reports when using its latest equipment for new components to ensure quality standards are maintained during the production process.

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With UK manufacturers and businesses adapting to the changes following the departure from the European Union and Brexit this coming January, family run businesses like M&M Turned Parts are playing a vital role in ensuring industry continues to thrive, providing leading firms with access to important components produced to a high standard.