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GHOST9 make international debut with the launch of “Think of Dawn”


Boy band GHOST9 are setting their sights on the UK as the newly formed K-pop group prepare to launch their debut album. 

With its 9 founding members from South Korea, GHOST9 is seeking to make inroads internationally as the popularity of K-Pop continues to dominate the music scene thanks to the success of BTS and similar acts. 

Entering the iTunes’ top charts in the UK, US, France and Germany this week, GHOST9 have been climbing the ranks as they battle it out against the likes of Ava Max, Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber – currently ranking 64th on the U.S. Pop chart, and entering the British pop chart in 52nd place. The band have also climbed to 15th place in the French pop chart as K-pop makes waves in Europe with young music fans. 

With the band planning to launch 6 songs on their debut album later this year, GHOST9 are introducing their unique sound on the world stage and sharing their own parallel universe – showcasing to music fans an alternate reality that will set the style of their grand musical entrance. 

Think of Dawn music video

Having already exceeded 8 million views in just a few short days on their first music video, the global appetite for GHOST9 took the band by surprise, with the members admitting that they never knew the song would go viral so quickly. Fans have already been sharing their enthusiasm for the band’s first track since it launched in response to the video on YouTube:

“It’s so refreshing to hear a kpop song with lyrics all throughout the chorus and not just a beat drop the whole time. This band is gonna be huge. I can feel it!”

“I was scared that the chorus wouldn’t be as good as the build up of the song from the start. But damn, this is JUST MY CUP OF TEA. It gave me chills at how classic the sound was like old kpop.”

Following the video’s success internationally, and in the UK, the band are working hard to bringing out their debut album which will feature hip-hop and dubstep styles, as well as strong beats for a rich an energetic sound.

To learn more about GHOST9, visit their YouTube Channel or follow their social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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