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The Templar Fund announces latest Q3 earnings for 2020

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The Templar Fund has announced its results for 2020 Q3, with investors receiving a 19.3% quarterly non-compounded return on their equity.

The transparent digital hedge fund which trades through the ETH blockchain allows investors worldwide to make deposits anonymously via their digital trading platform.

In their latest earnings report, the Templar Fund announced that investors who had made deposits in 2018 saw a total compound return of 153.95% on their equity. For every £775 invested into the fund, investors received £1967 before fees. After deductions, investors saw a net balance of £1475.

Despite the headwinds of COVID-19 on global stocks and digital currencies, the Templar Fund has continued to outperform other hedge funds, providing sizeable returns for its investors.

Releasing a statement this week about the latest results, the Templar Fund said, “The Covid-19 crisis introduced an extreme element of uncertainty to world markets, including unprecedented financial measures that made a vastly negative impact on market clarity. Resultingly, we determined to limit the fund’s exposure to asset price and instead focus on yield farming using assets that were benefitted by this uncertainty. Wonderfully, we achieved nearly 20% return this quarter as a result of these activities.”

The private digital currency hedge fund executes spot and perpetual futures derivative contracts in a decentralised manner (DeFi), allowing investors to make deposits without the restrictions of identity verification and accreditation requirements.

Operating a transparent blockchain-verifiable platform, the Templar Fund makes trade data public every 10 days with regular quarterly earnings reports.

To learn more about the Templar Fund, download their latest earnings report and see the website for further investment information.