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Yogisuperpug shines on TikTok as the UK’s best loved pug

© Yogisuperpug

Yogi, a 4-year-old pug has become the UK’s latest internet celebrity after going viral on TikTok in just a few short months.

Following the UK’s lockdown in March, Yogi was getting restless at home and his owner Justin needed to find some inspiration and an activity to pass the time. He decided to launch Yogi’s TikTok channel to capture some of their antics together and record funny videos to share with other internet users who were also in lockdown. 

Within days, Yogi was resonating with TikTok’s young audience and became a viral hit, with his cute videos and funny reactions leading to rapid growth and celebrity shares from top creators on the platform. Since the lockdown, Yogi’s channel, Yogisuperpug has managed to pass 100,000 followers – bringing together dog lovers and their owners as they tune in for some much needed laughs. 

But it wasn’t always easy for Yogi. Prior to being adopted by Justin, Yogi was bullied aggressively by other dogs, and his former owner, a championship breeder, had to give him away. But thankfully, Yogi found Justin, and the two have been inseparable ever since. 

Thanks to the viral growth of the channel, Yogi has managed to capture hearts and minds, and is now the face of a charitable campaign for PDWRA – The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association, encouraging people to adopt pets that are looking for new homes. 

With COVID-19 having a major impact on animal adoptions, Justin is hoping Yogi can show just how much joy a pet owner can have through adoption. 

To discover Yogi’s latest videos, visit his TikTok channel. You can also see his website and follow Yogisuperpug on Instagram. 

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