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Entrepreneur Manpreet Singh a rising star in London’s tech scene

© Innokrats

After relocating from India to the UK, 20-year-old Manpreet Singh is making his mark on the London tech scene following the successful launch of his company, Innokrats.

Born and raised in India, Singh decided to pursue his studies in software engineering at Birmingham City University where he set up his own business and got the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading brands including Microsoft. Specialising in network storage devices, Manpreet’s technology company has managed to secure a number of major brand customers and the young entrepreneur is also planning to expand to the U.S. later in 2020 with business partner Bikram Singh Multani.

Having delved into the tech space at a young age, Singh attended numerous tech events in India, with a keen passion for all things cutting edge. And after his move to the UK, he continued to hone his skills and began to delve into product development as well as public relations, where he works with businesses as well as individuals to support their marketing efforts.

Speaking with Britain Daily, Singh said, “I’ve made a lot of great connections in the UK and I’m excited for the future. There’s so much potential to disrupt the tech industry, and build new products that transform society.”

The entrepreneur’s latest venture, V-Carte will seek to develop and bring to market a contactless business card to address the problem of paper and plastic waste. And thinking ahead in the current climate of the UK’s net zero pledge, Singh is developing a food-tech booking service post-pandemic to support restaurant businesses with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.

As the UK emerges from the economic shock of the pandemic, entrepreneurs like Singh are in high demand with London’s booming tech scene attracting global talent and record investment.

To discover more about Manpreet Singh, visit his official website or follow him on Instagram.