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The Templar Fund releases latest earnings for Q2

© Csaba Balazs

The Templar Fund has announced its latest earnings report for Q2 of 2020. The transparent Bitcoin hedge fund revealed its latest figures following a year of growth for its investors and strong returns during the pandemic.

With currency markets fluctuating wildly during the lockdown, digital currencies have been increasingly popular, and with social distancing in place at shops around the UK, businesses have been looking at adapting to more digital currency payment methods.

Following volatility in oil markets, a collapse in air travel and restrictions on trade throughout the world – digital currencies such as Bitcoin have become more prominent. Companies such as Mastercard, who recently announced their expansion into cryptocurrency, are beginning to adapt to more digital-first currency mechanisms for shoppers and online retailers.

The Templar Fund has played a role in making digital currencies more accessible by developing a transparent online platform that has grown in popularity with investors thanks to its automation and ease-of-use. This also enables people to sign up without having to be an accredited investor – an interesting option for the public looking to explore digital currencies as an alternative to saving money or investing in traditional stocks.

The Templar Fund Q2 Earnings

  • Reported Earnings: 3.716%
  • Total Compounded Earnings: 81.183%
  • Performance Fees: (25%)
  • Net Client Earnings: $608.87 (£481.92) per $1,000 (£791.50) deposit

Being an early adopter, The Templar Fund has managed to facilitate more then 80% returns for its investors whilst providing transparent information and up-to-date industry news for its customers.

As digital currencies become more popular, online trading is set to grow, and for new investors, it’s never been easier to explore Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

To discover more about The Templar Fund visit its website for the latest trading information.

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