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Man’s best friend

© Henry Ascroft

Man’s best friend is considered to be a dog; however some would argue that in the 21st Century ‘technology’ is man’s contemporary best friend. For many years now, the interaction between humanity and technology has been a symbiotic relationship, and quite a productive journey. Humanity, as we know it today, was aided by the creation of simple, but nonetheless ‘technological’ tools. Although humans and technology have evolved over time, many would argue they now cannot exist without each other; as we need technology to keep upgrading and improving as sapient beings while technology exists because of man. In a 2005 paper written by MIT Press researchers Loretta Mannix and Julius Adams it is believed the two entities are dependent on each other “…and cannot grow without the other.”

Previous to the 20th century, technology was referred to as “…the study of the valuable arts.” Whether it was the art of controlling fire or creating tools from rocks to hunt animals these acts were but a spark to light the torch, as technology continuously improved living standards of the societies in which they were embraced.

From the Guttenberg Printing Press and the Industrial Revolution to the Moon Landing and the iPhone, technology has had an impact on medicine, infrastructure, communication, education, transportation and many more areas of modern society. Many academics believe that technological ideologies are the pillars of human communities and in more recent decades, digital technologies have emerged.

The emergence of digital technologies has allowed humanity to explore the universe in new and complex ways. From using electron-tunneling microscopes to see the formation of atoms to calling home from the other side of the world, digital technology has given us a way to better understand ourselves. When considering the medicine sector, it is through the use of life saving digital technologies that people can survive what was once declared a fatal illness. Drugs can be produced at high quantities which can serve the population of a nation without many constraints or delays. The presence of sufficient medications within medical facilities ensures every individual can get quality treatment. This quite literally improves the human condition.

During the Covid 19 crisis, the world has relied on digital technology to stay connected and informed about the spread of the pandemic. Without the internet, mobile phones, computers or digital devices, many more people would have died from the disease.

Long after we are gone from the Earth, the human condition will keep on improving as has been the case for centuries if due diligence is given to the use of technology. It is crucial to understand the codependency and relationship between the two entities, as one brings out the best in the other. Technology really is man’s new best friend.