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Body care brand Redfeel expands in the UK with 36 stores

© Redfee

Leading body care brand Redfeel is expanding its presence in the UK after its successful international launch.

Specializing in body care and beauty products, Redfeel offers a range of high quality and affordable items ranging from makeup eyebrow pencils to its oil control supple conditioner and moisturising body wash.

With its launch in the UK, the company has seen remarkable success in the beauty & cosmetics space, increasing its presence and offering new product ranges in its 36 stores across England. The beauty brand also has 26 outlets in France, and a strong presence in mainland China with over 300 store locations.

Its beauty care products are made all over the world including locally in the UK as well as in France, China and South Korea. Redfeel also has a number of stores in Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Producing its range of products to ISO 22716 certification, Redfeel’s manufacturing process enables it to access European as well as international markets – with plans for the company to provide a premium range of products to UK consumers. The company has also secured high quality raw materials in accordance with EU standards for its latest range, and partnered with a number of leading experts.

In one review, a Redfeel customer said: “To say what attracts me the most is the smell of their body wash products, which are so special, including the combination of sweet orange flowers and balsamic red currants smells.”

“The rich foam comes with a scent of roses mixed with the summer rain. It exudes a neutral sandal wood aroma and a liquid amber tone. Although it’s the same fragrance, it feels like the smell of a shower gel that’s completely different from that of a shampoo,” said another reviewer.

© Redfeel

To discover more about Redfeel visit their official website and explore their latest collection of beauty, skin care and anti-ageing products.