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New study released on Stop Cyberbullying Day by Cybersmile finds 55% of 16-year-olds addicted to their smartphones

© Julia M Cameron

A new digital wellbeing study released on Stop Cyberbullying Day by The Cybersmile Foundation has revealed the extent Britain’s teens are being affected by online life.

Taking a look at the relationship young people have with technology and their perspectives on digital life, Cybersmile’s latest study shows the significant impact our digitally connected world is having on people aged 12-16, and how they feel their schools and parents are coping when it comes to online related issues.

The study revealed that more than half (55%) of 16-year-olds consider themselves ‘addicted’ to their smartphones, and 60% of respondents felt that the time they spent online was negatively impacting their sleep, exercise, diet and ability to study.

The findings also delve into the relationship young people have with their parents, with over a quarter saying that they felt their parents wouldn’t know how to help them with an online related problem. This rose to 33% for 16-year-olds. And 30% of young people said their school would not know how to help them with an online related problem

With our digitally connected world playing a bigger part in young people’s lives, parents as well as schools are continuing to struggle to support them in the evolving technological landscape. And with social media and online chat usage increasing due to the impact of the pandemic and our changing habits, Britain’s young people have never been more digitally connected.

Cybersmile’s new study reveals large gaps in support available for teens in the education, healthcare system, and at home when it comes to digital life – whether it’s dealing with online issues such as harassment and cyberbullying, chronic overuse of smartphones, or young people being able to talk openly with family about online problems.

You can explore the full study here and learn more about the impact digital life is having on Britain’s teens.

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