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The Templar Fund is changing the way people trade with Bitcoin through transparent technology

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For businesses and individuals trading in Bitcoin it’s been a rocky few years with the currency facing scrutiny from governments and banks – and often being associated with corrupt regimes and fraudulent trading. But there’s a new kind of approach to Bitcoin trading and investing which is starting to change the public perception.

While Bitcoin is still in its infancy, there are tremendous growth and investment opportunities with digital currencies as Bitcoin heads to new heights admit unrest and difficult economic conditions around the world.

The Templar Fund, a Bitcoin hedge fund, has been playing an important role in providing transparent methods of trading for investors and people interested in exploring Bitcoin investment fund opportunities through BitMEX (a cryptocurrency exchange and derivative trading platform). Customers of the Templar Fund have already earned an impressive 80% return on their equity since it launched just 2 years ago.

As a Bitcoin hedge fund, the company acts as a liquidity provider to the world’s largest Bitcoin futures market and has developed a fully transparent and automated trading platform to allow people to earn market profits with Bitcoin.

In order to provide real-time information, the Templar Fund has a 24/7 broadcast of all its trading activities including a historical library for transparency – enabling consumers to verify the accuracy of published trade reports and carry out their own independent research.

The Templar Fund trading platform

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At the close of each 30-day trade cycle, the Templar Fund offers its customers liquidity and publishes 10-day trade reports containing all trades conducted through their automated system with verifiable data – which has been extrapolated directly from the BitMEX exchange.

Among other educational initiatives to inform new investors, the Templar Fund is also innovating with its webinars and direct chats via its Discord channel with public Q&A formats.

Part of the problem for Bitcoin funds and traders has been the lack of transparency and understanding of current market conditions – and what’s involved when trading in Bitcoin. It has also been difficult for consumers around the world to invest in Bitcoin but now investors have a way to access new opportunities without requiring a minimum deposit through new platforms like the Templar Fund’s solution. And with the added option of discretion for clients that wish to trade anonymously through their strategic partnership with Privato Card, the Templar Fund’s offer is unique in the marketplace.

With transparency becoming increasingly important in trading and as Bitcoin evolves, investors have more options in 2020 to make the move towards digital currencies – and explore the potential gains with BTC trading.

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