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Video director Konstantin Ermakov sets global trends on YouTube with his latest music video for Tobi & Manny

© Konfilms / TBJZL

Video director Konstantin Ermakov’s first music video with Tobi & Manny has smashed past 13 million views on YouTube after hitting all the right notes.

The new collaboration with the two YouTube stars (and featuring Janellé) became an overnight success, racking up millions of views in just hours of its release back in February – trending on YouTube globally.

In their first collaboration, Konstantin along with his team secured a location at a car park in Peckham where a 360 track was laid down to create a movement to complement the style of the video. Multiple lighting rigs were also set up for the video to provide it with a flow, and to give the shots an atmosphere. This included using a projector and a smoke machine as well as props on location to give the video a more compelling story.

Destined for Greatness music video

Working with a number of YouTube stars on their music videos, photography and editing projects, Konstantin’s style of directing and creative abilities have made him popular among rising YouTube stars. And for the first time, a car park in Peckham has managed to attain global stardom – not to mention the performers of the song ‘Destined for Greatness’. Since the video was released, the song has reached the top 15 in the charts and continues to perform well.

The Making of

To discover more about Konstantin’s latest work and music video projects, visit his YouTube channel and connect with him on Instagram.

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