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Fake model Maximus Bucharest makes his big comeback on billboards across London

Konstantin Ermakov and Max Fosh / © Konfilms

A fake model has made his way onto billboards across London, appearing at iconic locations throughout the capital from Notting Hill Gate to Kings Cross.

Maximus Bucharest, a completely fictitious celebrity has become an overnight sensation once again after making his grand debut last year at the 2019 London Fashion Week. Thanks to a nearly impossible feat of social engineering, creativity and a pro-bono billboard campaign, Bucharest returns to London this week with a completely new look.

Bucharest, an alter-ego of YouTube star Max Fosh, started off as a simple idea, but in order to make him seem authentic, he needed exposure and a professional photoshoot to make him stand out from the crowd.

Fosh went into the studio and collaborated with video director and photographer Konstantin Ermakov, who helped him make his alter-ego become a reality. In order for the model to be believable in his latest comeback, he would need high quality photos, and poster art that could catch people’s attention.

Speaking with Britain Daily about the project, Konstantin said: “It’s been a long goal of mine to work on a campaign that gets onto the billboards across London – another thing I can tick off my bucket list!“

With the photos created, Maximus Bucharest was back, but it wasn’t until a stroke of luck that the billboard campaign was able to come to life. Thanks to the generous support of DayLite LED, a company that specialises in outdoor digital billboards, the campaign has been able to get a large exposure across London for free.

How I got A Fake Model on Billboards across London

Announcing the campaign on Sunday on YouTube, Max Fosh’s latest adventure has already been viewed nearly 80,000 times overnight. In the video he shares how he put the campaign together including his fake appointment with a digital advertising agency and his collaboration with Konstantin to make it come to life. And it has shown how it’s entirely possible to invent a model from scratch, and build a brand for someone who doesn’t exist at the same time.

With models looking to get exposure and stand out from the crowd, could the alternative Max Fosh method be the way into the industry?

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