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University fees will remain unchanged even if courses are taught online

© Christina Morillo

University students will still need to pay the same tuition fees in the autumn despite courses being taught online.

Following the lockdown announcement, universities across England closed their doors and asked students to continue studying from home, with many classes taking place online or via video conferencing.

The transition has not been easy for the education sector, which faces a financial hole due to the loss of foreign students not being able to travel to the UK for studies – a major revenue source.

It is estimated that the sector will face a shortfall of several billion pounds while students will also be at a disadvantage as they haven’t been able to use their accommodation for several months, but are still paying the rent.

Despite the setbacks and challenges posed to education, the shift in online education could help universities enrol students abroad for digital-only programmes. And moving forward, students that enrol in universities may be able to save costs in terms of accommodation over the long-term if they choose digital-only courses.

Could this be the future of education as we know it?