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Dr Suzi Morris calls for support for Imperial College COVID-19 Research Fund

© Suzi Morris

London based fine artist Dr Suzi Morris is calling for more public support for the Imperial College COVID-19 Research Fund. Living with the knowledge that a virus (Keratitis) has been trying to destroy her vision for all of her adult life, Suzi Morris knows all to well what it’s like to live in fear of a virus.

Renowned for her UEL Professional Doctorate thesis, ‘The Viral Sublime and the Bodily Experience of Painting’, her interest in viruses and the sublime has been at the heart of her practice for many years.

Having an affiliation with Imperial College London for some years, she is now making a public call for more support for the Imperial College COVID-19 Research Fund – in the hope that the money raised can go towards helping the many thousands of people that have been impacted by Coronavirus, and that a vaccine can be developed as quickly as possible

She is the lead artist in the recently produced documentary film ‘The Residency’, directed by Monika Grassl and supported by da Vinci Artists Brushes Germany. Dr Suzi Morris will also be selling some of her own paintings on Instagram and donating 50% of any proceeds to the Imperial COVID-19 Research Fund.

Dr Suzi Morris calls for urgent action

Dr Suzi Morris stated: “We need to bring this lockdown to an end and to do this we need science to bring us mass testing and a vaccine. Imperial College are playing a leading role in this global effort, so I am asking people to please make a donation, no matter how small, as ultimately its science that will provide the vaccine that we all need.”

With Imperial College London at the forefront of the UK’s research efforts, there is a race against time to get a vaccine produced in order to provide people across the U.K. with protection for the long-term, and to ultimately unlock the economy, which is under severe pressure since the lockdown began.

To discover more about Dr Suzi Morris, visit the official website.