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Engine Creative sees huge rise in virtual events demand as lockdown continues

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With the Covid-19 outbreak adversely affecting the events industry, the UK’s leading augmented reality (AR) agency, Engine Creative, have expanded their capacity to deliver a range of AR and VR event solutions following an extraordinary spike in virtual event experience related enquiries.

With the outbreak forcing many upcoming physical events to postpone or cancel altogether, the team of AR and VR experts have pivoted resources to deal with the demand from event exhibitors who are now looking to recreate their event experiences using augmented and virtual reality technology.

Matt Key, Managing Director at Engine Creative explains:

“We’ve been inundated by brands, events, conferences and exhibitions asking us how they can recreate and replace their event using XR (extended reality) solutions such as AR and VR. The good news is that the technology behind virtual and augmented reality is now more accessible than ever and it’s a great opportunity to reach out to a wider audience than the real equivalent.

As an agency we are in a strong position to help businesses transform their events into engaging and interactive digital experiences, with over 10 year AR and VR experience, and the development of Reydar, our AR platform, we are experts in getting brands, products or services directly in front of audiences across the world even if you can’t physically be in the same place.”

Augmented and virtual reality isn’t just reserved for the top brands anymore and whilst Engine Creative work with global brands such as Honeywell, Barclays, and Exertis they’re also seeing enquiries from SMEs and B2B brands working across a range of industries.

Whether the event is big or small, global or local, Matt insists that the success of any virtual event experience is about how you bring the content to life:

“The key to creating a successful virtual event is to create experiences that are driven by emotion and brought to life by technology. While AR and VR definitely deliver on the wow factor, it is key that the virtual event is delivering on business objectives and providing a lasting impression on audiences.

This is where our award-winning AR and VR expertise comes in to play, and why we’re ramping up capacity now to help businesses in this challenging time.”

If you’d like to know more, the Engine Creative team have created a useful resource for brands and event organisers looking to recreate their events virtually and you can also explore “Virtual Events: 5 Ways To Transform Your Event With Augmented And Virtual Reality” for examples and further information.