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New documentary Everybody Flies reveals bigger problem than coronavirus for airline passengers

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As the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus, a new controversial documentary sheds light on a potentially bigger, and deadlier problem for international travellers.

‘Everybody Flies’, a controversial new documentary by former airline captain Tristan Loraine exposes a huge problem in aviation with new research on airplane air toxicity – affecting almost every commercial flight in the world.

Releasing this coming week in UK cinemas, ‘Everybody Flies’ reveals a major flaw in aircraft design where oil lubricants and toxic chemicals from jet engines end up mixing into the cabin’s air supply.

The toxic fumes often have no smell and no colour, and passengers, as well as cabin crew are being exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis. And the risk is greatest for passengers who are flying more regularly. While there are no official records of the number of passengers being affected by the toxic fumes, it is estimated that up to 11 million people a day are flying – and could be exposed to them without realising the health implications.

A phenomenon known as ‘aerotoxic syndrome’ has been linked to poor health and regular exposure to cabin air, particularly affecting airline staff, and there have been a number of legal cases in the past year against airlines from crew who have developed long-term health ailments. Symptoms have included developing neurological problems, chronic breathing difficulties, nausea, headaches, and in some cases death. In one particular reported incident, a cabin crew member died shortly after a flight and had suffered from extreme organophosphate poisoning due to toxic air.

The creators of the film have spent the last 18 years researching and interviewing people affected by air toxicity, revealing for the first time toxic fume incidents and perspectives from industry professionals about the dangers.

While the coronavirus will be on people’s minds, the hidden cost, and un-reported impact on health of people affected by toxic fumes could be substantial.

Discover more about the documentary including a special Q&A with the film’s director on February 26th at Everyman’s London Kings Cross cinema. You can also see the film’s latest showings on the website across the UK.

Are you taking regular flights? Have you had any symptoms due to air toxicity?