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Jeremy Corbyn attacks Queen’s Speech as a “political broadcast for the Conservative party”

Queen's Speech UK
© NASA/Bill Ingalls

Jeremy Corbyn will be announcing his new radical political agenda in Northampton On Thursday where he will make a speech to talk about his objectives for government, starting his campaign pitch to unseat Boris Johnson, and put the Labour Party in Downing Street.

Corbyn’s speech will focus on Labour’s priorities which will “put forward the most radical, hopeful, people-focused programme in modern times”.

However, the opposition leader was less than optimistic about the upcoming Queen’s Speech. Tomorrow he will say that it is a “cynical stunt” which the Prime Minister is using in order to deliver his own “pre-election party political broadcast” that has dragged the Monarch into the election campaign unnecessarily.

Despite the bold new speech setting out his agenda for the upcoming election, the opposition leader has prevented a new general election being called twice while failing to build a working majority in Parliament that would un-seat the current Prime Minister. Corbyn also faces a steep uphill battle as he faces low approval ratings, while the Labour Party trails the Conservatives by 8 points in an average of polls, and is even behind the Liberal Democrats in several recent polls conducted this month.

Can Jeremy Corbyn’s new fiery rhetoric about rebuilding and transforming Britain appeal to voters on both sides?