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David Cameron’s For the Record reaches Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers in less than 24 hours

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David Cameron’s For The Record has entered the Top 5 Amazon’s Bestsellers list as the former prime minister reveals his time in office after one of the most turbulent chapters in Britain’s history.

After the seismic political decision to hold a Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, the prime minister’s six-year premiership came to an abrupt end in June 2016. Having campaigned passionately about the benefits of European membership, the prime minister was handed a surprising defeat that set Britain on a path of uncertainty as a political earthquake took hold of Parliament, and Britain’s entire establishment. Few leaders since Churchill have made such an impact on Britain’s standing in the world, and as it seeks its place in a future outside of Europe, Brexit has yet to materialise 3 years on.

In the book, Cameron shares his views on a range of issues that he faced during his tenure in Downing Street which include the economic crisis following the 2008 crash, reforming Britain’s economy, education reform, legalising gay marriage, the Scottish Independence Referendum, tackling the rise of ISIS and interventions in Iraq, Syria, and the French led mission in Libya.

Many have questioned the decision David Cameron took after three years of silence as he kept largely out of the Brexit debate. The release of his memoirs comes as Boris Johnson pushes ahead with new negotiations, in the hope that Britain will be able to leave on October 31st with a deal, but no one really knows what will happen. And should there be a second Referendum or general election, could the result even be reversed?

Cameron’s book has so far received a wide range of different opinions, with critics calling it a ‘vanity project’ however others have argued it is a ‘frank’ and ‘honest’ account of his time as Prime Minister.

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