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Lib Dems to cancel EU referendum result by revoking Article 50

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The Liberal Democrats have pledged to reverse Brexit if they are elected with a majority at the next general election.

Following their party conference in Bournemouth, the party membership overwhelmingly backed the new policy to cancel Brexit should they become a governing majority.

The Liberal Democrats earlier this month, following high stakes voting in Parliament, shifted their position towards being the party that would resolutely oppose any kind of Brexit.

With the new policy in place, Lib Dems leader Jo Swinson has struck a defining tone saying the party will do “all we can to fight for our place in Europe, and to stop Brexit altogether.”

This comes as Boris Johnson steps up his negotiations with Brussels, with movement on the backstop possible, which has supported the pound over the last few days vs the euro and the dollar.

The Lib Dems’ shift to cancelling Brexit puts them at odds with Labour, which have yet to formulate a clear position in the eyes of the electorate. Being the party of remain will provide the Liberal Democrats with a certain direction for the upcoming general election but there are considerable risks in their newly found party position.

Should Brexit be revoked through the cancellation of Article 50, it would mean that all votes for exiting the European Union from the 2016 referendum would no longer count.

However, in order to be able to revoke Article 50, the Liberal Democrats would require a majority in Parliament to pass the necessary legislation. They may also face stiff resistance from those that feel Brexit should be delivered, as it was the country that instructed Parliament to do so.